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Dear customer,

It is with deep sadness we are announcing the Closure of M9 and our M9 Point of Sale system. As you know COVID-19 has been a great challenge for all small business, and this has led us to finally admit we are unable to continue in this current economically challenging time. After 11 years of service, we have decided to begin the process of closing M9.

We will be closing M9 on December 31st 2021, however, we will be ending service of the Magtek credit card swiper on September 30th 2021. You will need to contact your Merchant Processor and request a countertop unit if you are one of the handful of customers still using the MagTek credit card swiper that connect to the iPad.

Your merchant processor will be able to ship you a counter top unit. This unit will not connect to M9. We can configure your system to ring up the customer and then you will enter the transaction total into the countertop swiper. Once the countertop swiper is finished with the transaction, you will press “Credit” on your M9 system to complete the transaction and update your backend reports. Square is also an alternative if you need to wait until your merchant services can provide your countertop unit. Square will work the same way as a countertop device.

All credit card processing on the iPad will end on September 30th of this year. The manual card entry will also end at this time.

You will need to begin transitioning to a new point of sale company as soon as possible.

Your current printer, scale and iPads are industry standard devices and should work well with Shopkeep, Revel and Clover point of sale systems. These companies will have their own solutions for working with your scale so please reach out to them as soon as you can.

Your reports will be available through the end of the year. Copying your data from M9 into excel spreadsheets is as easy as copying and pasting between M9 and Excel.

If you are using our gift card solution, we can provide this data to you once you let us know what format you need the data in after working with your new vendor.

We have enjoyed serving you and your business these past 11 years and we hope you the best as you move forward serving your communities with your small business.

Sterling Moses
M9 Creations, Inc.

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